Potato flakes
We have developed a special varietal policy, the essence of which is the selection of potato varieties, during the processing of which for mashed potatoes, the specified biochemical parameters are provided, allowing to preserve the high biological and technological value of the product. Also, in the course of growing potatoes intended for processing, special agrotechnological techniques are used to ensure the specified parameters of raw materials. 32 parameters are controlled at the input. Potato flakes are made only from specially selected potatoes, which are sorted, washed, blanched, peeled, cut, cooked, mixed with other ingredients, dried by roller drying, ground and fractionated. All technological processes are carried out in compliance with all necessary sanitary conditions.

Product types

Small packaging
Horeca Packaging
Industrial packaging

Applications of potato flakes

Sphere of meat semi-finished products
Potato chips and snacks
Production of mashed potatoes
Semi-finished products
Humidity controller in bakery products
Base of cream soup and puree soup

Advantages of potato flakes from Pogar

Production according to the customer's specification
Waste from the production of French fries is not used
More than 1500 ha of own potato fields
Use of certain types of potatoes

Types of grinding

Bulk density: can be ground to a density of 200 to 600 g/l
250-290 g/l
320-360 g/l
380-420 g/l
440-500 g/l
520-580 g/l


From white-cream to intense yellow
White and cream
Light yellow
Intense yellow


Any types of packaging for your needs
Multilayered paper bags
Big bags
Small packages
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We are the only Russian supplier of potato flakes for the HORECA segment, which independently produces all the components, thereby obtaining significant savings. Compare our prices with an existing supplier and see for yourself. We know that you always need a delivery date "yesterday" and are ready for it. Contact us!

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